Disaster Risk management


The threat of life and livelihood in disaster situations (Disaster Management): The READ adopted geographical area is prone to natural and manmade disasters. Almost every year or alternative year, disasters like cyclones, floods and flash floods are realized by the community. The recent COVID-19 first and second wave and previous cyclone like Super Cyclone-1999, Phailene in 2013, Hud Hud in 2014, Titlee in 2018, Fani in 2019 and the COVID-19 Pandemic in 2019 etc. taught READ to be an organization ready for all time to prevent, response and restoration to the victim community for the survival, of course, READ as an organization been trained on Disaster Risk Management (DRM) and staffs have adequate capacity to adopt disaster management for delivering services to the community in danger situation. READ always stands strongly to managing pre and post-disaster risk in the community to deliver the services.


Disaster Risk management Training