Health & Sanitation


Increasing Infant mortality and maternal mortality (Mother and Child Health Care: During the Organizational Assessment it was realized that there are risks of the life of mother and child due to the practice of early child marriage and unused toilets provided by the government. It was found that 30% of girls who get married below the age of 15 years she uses to give birth even before the age of 18 years for which the mother and child’s health at risk due to premature birth and unhygienic condition and lack of nutrition so the mother and children found malnutrition eventually reported the death. Apart from these, unused toilet and the practice of open defecation is also another triggering point for pollution as a consequence the community is affected by different communicable diseases and the most vulnerable among them are mother and child.   

Our programs

Anemia Management

More than 50 percent of India’s population is afflicted by anemia, with infants, children and pregnant women being the most at-risk. We educate our communities on appropriate nutrition & diet. READ has supplied vegetable seeds to 3800 families for creating Kitchen Gardens for dietary supplementation. Pregnant women and new born children are identified and facilitate to avail government health facilities. In the next five years, we plan 100% coverage for our entire community.

Health checkup Camps

Together with local health personnel and support we conduct free health checkup camps in our target communities. Despite of providing free medicines, health treatments, we impart different trainings and workshops on community health, sanitation, reproductive child and health care, sensitization on HIV/AIDS etc.